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Welcome to Our Site

We are the union representing Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation employees in the State of Arizona. We're based in Phoenix with offices statewide. All employees are welcome and encouraged to join. We built this site to provide a resource and communication tool for all BLM and BOR employees and their families. Your feedback and suggestions are important! Feel free to email us with your comments.

We also built this site because as federal employees we cannot strike to increase our pay, lower our health care costs or protect our pensions. For these things we must lobby and negotiate with the agencies and Congress. To be effective we must be able to speak for a majority of the employees. That is why it is important that YOU join AFGE.

Our dues are $10.00 per pay period and tax deductable if you use the 1040 long form. Once you join you can offset the cost of your dues through the use of our many member benefits.  Empower yourself!

Where Do Your Union Dues Go?

Local 376 (35%)

District 12 (27%)

National AFGE (38%)

Join AFGE Local 376 as we change the face of the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Reclamation.