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Keith Hughes - Tucson Field Office

The President is the executive officer of this Local; exercising general supervision over the affairs of the Local and seeing that other officers comply with the responsibilities of their offices and constitutional duties. The President complies with the National and standard Local Constitutions; keeps the membership appraised of the goals and objectives of the Federation; serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Election Committee and the Audit Committee, and investigation or trial committees when he/she is bringing the charges or is directly or indirectly involved in the matter which gave rise to the charges; automatically serves by virtue of office as a Local delegate to district caucuses, council meetings, the National Convention and such other meetings as the Local may be entitled to participation; presides at all Local meetings; and signs all documents pertaining to the office.

President - Keith Kughes [ 59power.giant at> ]

Executive Vice President

Jamise Liddell - BLM National Training Center

The Executive Vice Presidents assist the President in the performance of the duties of that office. If the President is unable to perform the duties of his/her office, that authority will be deletated to the Executive Vice Presidents in rotation.

Vice-President BLM - Jamise Liddell [ jliddell at ]


Jamise Liddell - BLM National Training Center

The Secretary/Treasurer keeps a complete record of the minutes of all meetings; maintains all election-related documents; keeps up-to-date the official copy of the bylaws of the Local; conducts correspondence when directed by the President; and sends out notices of meetings. Also maintains a bookkeeping system as prescribed by the National Secretary-Treasurer; makes a financial report at each regular meeting; keeps an up-to-date roll of the members; receives all monies paid into the Local and receipt thereof; keeps records of all transactions; deposits money in the bank to the credit of the Local; makes regular monthly reports to the NST; coordinates dental insurance payments and contacts; and forwards per capita tax to the National Headquarters.


BOR Phoenix Area Office - Joe Billerbeck
BLM National Training Center - Jamise Liddell
BLM Phoenix District Office - Jamise Liddell
BLM State Office - Jamise Liddell
BLM Tucson Field Office - Keith Hughes

The Stewards enforce the "Law of the Local," its contract with the Agency.  The Steward's "beat" is the office or shop within the Local's bargaining unit.  And like a police officer, the Steward must be constantly on the lookout for violations of the Local contract.  If you have a question about a management action, ASK a Steward.

President and Steward for BLM TFO - Keith Hughes [ 59power.giant at ]
Vice President and Steward for BOR - Joe Billerbeck [ jbillerb at ]
Vice President BLM and Steward for BLM NTC, ASO & PDO - Jamise Liddell [ jliddell at ]

Any Steward will gladly speak with any bargaining unit member.